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Virgin Young Teens

Yeah I realise the subject I chose is ambiguous and perhaps even misleading but it’s not the way I intended for it to read. It’s supposed to read that they are as young as virgins.

Not all of the girls on this site get fucked, even though there are a fair share of hardcore scenes, but I don’t imagine you’d find many girls willing to do full nude work which gets published on the internet if they are still virgins. There are certain inhibitions that accompany virginity that I would expect needs to be shaken first before they’ll pose for strangers… for cash.

I wonder if we all say that as we grow older or if it really is the case, that kids grow up so much faster than when we did and that they become sexually active so much sooner. I hear people say that so often but I’m not convinced when I look at not even all that long ago, 100 to 150 years ago it wasn’t uncommon to get married at the age of 14 even.

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