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If you watch from closer you can see juicy virgin pussy lips, it’s like a gate into tight fresh pussy. This blondie’s pants is pulled down and she is ready to take off her virginity. She laid on the back in the bed, open her gentle legs side away and wait for the moment when huge cock will penetrate in her narrow virgin pussy. She was a little bit scared but dude knew what he is doing because it wasn’t his first virgin teen. And the moment when he sticked his hard dick and broke down virgin’s pussy hymen was tremendous. Neat teen was no more virgin anymore and she was pride on of herself.

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Believe me I know that feeling when your smooth cock really tightly tries to penetrate into virgin teen’s pussy. After long struggle eventually your hard dick is won the battle and it is going as deep as it reaches a bottom, when you pull out and again stick your penis into no longer virgin but really narrow pussy and you are doing that over and over again. Those movements lasts till your cock cames so hot that it makes huge eruption of hot “lava” :D. Those few seconds of absolute satisfaction is the best sense of all.

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That black haired hottie is a little bit nasty but was keeping her virginity for some special person. However she lost her virginity so quickly that she even hasn’t noticed that :). She was having early breakfast when her roommate came into kitchen with camera and start taking a pictures of her and she liked that. In front of camera hot teen got really horny and she start ripping her clothes and just after few seconds she was tasting juicy cock. After great blowjob she and her tight virgin pussy was ready to take huge cock. It happened so qiuckly that she even didn’t felt any pain(maybe a little bit :D). She remember this early breakfast for her hole life.

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