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Adult social sites are all the rage now in adult dating websites. It’s really easy to see why this is the case. Take the case of Facebook. Facebook is just blowing up all over the place. The reason why Facebook is so popular is because of the fact that content, and by extension, social connections are so viral. What I mean by this is when you successfully get a friend to join Facebook their email address is tracked by Facebook. You are actually giving Facebook permission to access your address book.

Facebook has this very sophisticated algorithm of patching and connecting different email addresses in terms of connections.  Not surprisingly using this technology Facebook would be able to “discover” friends that you thought nobody else knew. This is why Facebook is so popular. This is why it’s able to spread so far and wide and has over one billion monthly active users.

This has not been lost on many websites that are trying to capture a fraction of that traffic-generation success. This obviously is not lost on adult dating websites. This is why adult social sites were born. They are essentially taking a page or two from Facebook’s playbook and try to apply the same level of viral spread. Of course, there is a serious problem here because people don’t want to let other people in their real circle of friends to know that they’re looking for sex. That’s like advertising that you have herpes or some sort of other disease. Not a good move, right?

So the big danger with adult social sites is that they may get so aggressive using the same kind of underhanded connection tracking and matching technology that Facebook has. This can open a can of worms. The last thing that you want is an adult site accessing your address book. Does this mean that you shouldn’t join adult social sites? Not necessarily. What does this mean is you need to pay attention to the terms of service and make sure that your privacy remains intact. Otherwise, you might be in for a nasty shock.

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I know this might seem all theoretical to you. I know this might seem like a pipe dream. You might be feeling that you’re just living on a day to day basis. I get all that, but do yourself a big favor. Since you don’t know what tomorrow will bring, make sure that your decisions right now to look for local sex doesn’t damage whatever prospects you have in the future. You have to remember that in the future you’re not just living for yourself. It’s not just you looking to bang every single available lady in the area. In the future, you might have a family. In the future, you might have a family name to protect. You might have a social profile to guard.

Whatever the case may be you need to look at the big picture. You need to look to several years down the road. I need you to put that in perspective and frame your efforts at looking for local pussy with that in mind. You would only have yourself to thank.

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